Wendy Goldsmith is a writer and editor in Vancouver, Canada. She loves poetry, politics, children’s classics, fabric, vintage furniture and the stories of friends and neigbours. Her house is also populated by a sweet husband and a comedy toddler.   Contact her at wendygoldsmith (at) rocketmail.com

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  1. Hi there,

    I thought curses when I saw someone had already taken the mywendyhouse addy, as I was just about to create one and begin a more detailed personal blog, linked to my site http://www.mywendyhouse.com but instead of blaming my own bad luck, the universe or the dog , I spent some time reading your blog. Wonderful so far, I’m now going to take some considerable time reading yours and other blogs, and working out how to navigate this site before diving in.

    Thanks and nice to meet you.


    1. goldenwendy says:

      Oh hi Stephen, Sorry for the disappointment. I had to wiggle around for this address too, as there were a couple similar. Your store seems to have some cute stuff. If i were in the UK, I’d probably be shopping right now. Perhaps when we visit my husband’s parents again! Thanks for the nice comments! Wendy

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