Selfie Realization

I’ve been having a real crisis of image the last few weeks. Essentially feeling ashamed and self-conscious of my wrinkles and aging jawline. Everyone must feel so uncomfortable looking at my ugly old self.

It’s partly for a good reason – I quit my evening smoking habit two months ago! Hooray! But now, instead of avoiding the mirror (and my worries), I keep staring at it…waiting for my fresh new collagen to take effect, my reward for sticking with it.

But after way too much googling of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, I realized the only reasonable way to go: OWNING IT. My wrinkles and jiggles and all. After all, i earned them by having a damn good time – and some sad and lonely times – but all of them getting me here to this awesome photo below:


Why awesome? Because though it might appear to be a “Before” pic, it’s actually an example of luxury and good karma. Here, I sit not working on a Saturday morning, in a warm apartment, on the comfiest couch in the world (IKEA, with washable covers!), drinking a second cup of coffee. I’m on the phone thanking my talented sister for sewing my second son a flannel storyboard backed with a scrap of my great-grandma’s 1940’s skirt.

I can do this because i have a kind husband distracting my second son, the destroyer, while first son, the creator, snaps my portrait. My owl jammie bottoms remind me of my generous Jayne who took me shopping in Scotland when I was so depressed that mirrors made me cry. My jammie top I inherited from my most interesting friend Heather after her notorious Keeping-Only-5-of-Every-Item. And my chipped bubblegum pink nails say that some time in the last week I must have felt sweet and easy enough to pamper myself. Oh…and that stack of papers beside me? That’s the second draft of an article! Yay!!! So I must be nearly done and ready to invoice for something.

I’m just saying that although i don’t wake up looking like Gwyneth Paltrow, and how I’ll ever retire or send my children to uni is anyone’s guess, I still have a lot for which to be grateful. More than enough to fill a face-ful of shallow wrinkles.

Who else made me feel better? These ones:

Aging Gracefully

The Beauty of Aging.



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