10 Apples Up on Skewers

While freaking out about the impending summer holidays, I found this cute 10 Apples Up on Top craft that I thought both Big and Little Brother might get into. And then I thought, Hey! I could be one of those moms. The ones that take pictures inside the Paint Zone and then post to show how brave they are. Here goes.

Little Brother painting egg carton (and newspaper) to make “apples”.IMG_2357

Taking a thumb break.IMG_2361

His favourite part was scanning the book and then printing a picture using the “recipe machine”. No pics as i was too busy screaming ‘Don’t touch that!’ while we did the multi-media component. (breathe) And then we glued the picture to the top of a shoe box.IMG_2369

Big Brother places the egg carton apples on wooden skewers poked through the box lid. I envisioned one stick for each animal, and maybe a little drama as we acted out the whole story, rhyme by rhyme.IMG_2378

Little Brother demonstrates the non-safe features of the game…pointy wooden skewers. Hmmm. Still no stacking happening.IMG_2381

And finally my 2-year-old makes the game his own: why stack when you can attack?


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