Me Oh My Oh, No Potato?

We were so excited to harvest potatoes from our first season of stacked growing. The leaves started out growing like gang-busters. Every few weeks I’d have to trot next door for more tires from the auto mechanic. We thought we’d be set for winter (well, for a short Vancouver one!), but the taters were a no-show until the very bottom. Where did we go wrong?


Our balcony potatoes in tire towers
The crew, ready for harvest
Disappointment – 3 tires down and still no potatoes!
Finally – yellow gold
After all those bags of dirt, compost and gorgeous green leaves …. not even enough to fill half a laundry tub.
Our resources for winter – two repurposed rice bags and a small bowlful
Farmer’s lunch: local coronation grapes, feta and hot dog bun spread with ketchup

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